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It's Time for Africa

We left Sweden on Thursday evening and landed at Mahe, the main island in the Seychelles, short after Friday lunch. In between we had a few hours at Istanbul airport. Boring you might think? But no! Not at all! We spent our time there in the CIP lounge, a really spectacular place. It's a huge lounge, tastefully decorated, but still cozy and intimate. And of course it offered really nice food and drinks. Long flight? Hmm... Actually too short! :-) We had a great time in the air with a welcome drink, a few glasses of champagne, a three course dinner and enough space to stretch our tired legs. When we wanted to rest out eyes a bit, the cabin crew turned our seats into nice cozy beds. Oh, did we mention we flew in business class? :-)

Big thanks to Turkish Airlines for giving us the opportunity to go in business class all the way from Gothenburg to the Seychelles. It's much appreciated. A tall Swedish guy like me (Mattias) was a much happier guy when he didn't have to squeeze his legs for many hours. Ida could get her normal beauty sleep and both of us woke up ready for new adventures!

So what happens at the Seychelles? For the moment just us two hanging around having a good time for a few days, before our real adventure begins. Soon we are off to North Island. Google it! Well there we are going to work with nature conservation, primarily working with sea turtles. To be honest we don't really know exactly what the tasks will be. We have done quite a bit of guessing these last days trying to figure out how it will be. In a few days we know for sure!

Unfortunately the Internet availability might be a bit uncertain at North Island, so we can't promise when the next update will come. But stay tuned, there will be more...

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